Division of Optics vacancies

Faculty positions

Within the next 2 years the Institute of Experimental Physics of the Univeristy of Warsaw is expecting to announce openings for 5 – 8 tenure-track faculty positions (adiunkt, equivalent to assistant professor). The positions will be open for applicants from all the sub-fields of experimental physics. Candidates will be chosen based on their academic excellence. Division of Optics would like to invite ambitious researchers in optics and related fields to apply for the positions and join the Division. The Division, buidling on its recent successes, would welcome both strengthening the existing research directions, as well as establishing entirely new research topics.

We offer a vibrant research environment, high-quality lab space, support in preparing grant applications (including numerous Polish funding programmes) and a well-defined path towards permanent employment. More details will follow here. You would be expected to carry out research and teaching (teaching load of 200 h/year, which can be reduced with external funding).

Openings are expected to be announced approximately quarterly over the next 2 years. The positions will be advertised here as well as at the main website of the Faculty of Physics, www.fuw.edu.pl, typically 2 – 3 months before the closing date. We encourage you to contact us at optics@fuw.edu.pl for more details. We will be happy to offer support in preparation of their applications for prospectively succesful candidates.



  • Optoelectronics laboratory technician. Quantum Photonics Lab is looking for a part-time optoelectronics technician to support the lab's research activities. High-frequency electronics (>1 GHz) skills desirable. Contract duration: up to 2 years. Please contatct michal.karpinski@fuw.edu.pl for more details.



  • A 2-year PhD studentship in the Foundation for Polish Science HOMING project "Manipulating spectral entanglement by complex temporal phase modulation", to start on 1 December 2016. Please contatct michal.karpinski@fuw.edu.pl for more details.



  • Numerous junior research positions in Konrad Banaszek's Quantum Optical Communication Systems project at the Centre for New Technologies of the Univeristy of Warsaw. Click here for details.